24-hour supported accommodation

24-hour supported accommodation

Our property provides the highest standard of people, facilities and equipment to ensure that our young people have the best possible chance of growing, developing and improving.  Resources include:

Round-the-clock supported living

All the resources you’d expect in a staffed home, with a combination of solus and shared facilities that give independence whilst encouraging interaction and social engagement.

Every resident enjoys one-to-one support from their key worker, who is dedicated to the delivery of their support plan.  As well as guiding them towards skills development and education, the support plan includes preparing them for a life of independence, addressing issues as varied as budgeting, form-filling (for utilities, etc), diet and personal care.

Referral agencies are provided with monthly reports in line with the ‘Every Child Matters’ principles.  This includes any breaches of curfew, absences or breaches of court-imposed conditions.


Young mums without other support are uniquely vulnerable and in need of specialised intervention to give them the skills and confidence to provide the care and love a baby needs.

Our team of experts provide a safe, warm and caring environment with private accommodation and shared social spaces so that young mums can grow into their role at a pace suited to their needs.

Unaccompanied minors

We act as legal guardians, addressing the very specific needs of this user group as usually laid out by court order or the referral agency.  Highly specific care plans are developed and one-to-one care provided in a safe, inviting environment.  Many children are referred to us by the UK Border Agency and we have multi-lingual staff available to aid communication and care.

Emergency accommodation

ResiCare Alliance operates a full out-of-hours service to accommodate emergency placement.  Our secure, remote facilities allow our expert staff to assess the new resident’s needs away from other children so that they can become settled.  Once we fully understand their requirements we work with the referring agency to agree a care plan and appropriate residential needs.