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We are a company that is driven to grow and succeed within this sector. We promote a family culture, and we hope you can join us on this journey.

About us

Resicare Alliance Ltd.

We are a growing company and are committed to employing people to join our amazing team of caring and hardworking people. We are proud of our adults and their focus and ability to look after and care for our children and families. We embrace our diverse and varied teams; it is our people who give us our identity and culture, in return we provide a comprehensive professional development pathway to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to develop a successful career with us. It is our commitment in hiring and developing people to deliver the highest quality of care with the aim to achieve the best outcomes possible for the children and families we look after.

Resicare Alliance

Our Process


Our adults have a deep understanding of how to help our children begin to recover from past trauma, chaotic and unregulated pasts, understand their journey to us, and learn new strategies for their futures. We offer safe places to live so they can explore, discover and learn.


Every resident has a unique set of needs requiring a bespoke care plan. Through expert intervention our aim is to get our residents on the right track so that when they leave us they are better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities before them. We provide intensive, bespoke and expert intervention, every step of the way.


The Future Our aim is to equip our children with the confidence, skills and outlook to function in society, to make the best choices as they move forward with their lives. We aim for as many children to return home or to family setting wherever appropriate and possible.

We Change Young People's Lives For The Better

Resicare Alliance is an independent provider of children's homes and Parent assessment. Our staff are drawn from a range of backgrounds that give them the experience, understanding and life skills necessary to make the sort of sustained interventions which deliver results.

Meet our team

Meet Our Team