Quality Assurance


We are proud of our quality team, ensuring that our children’s home not only meets but surpasses the quality and care standards set by our community and the industry by;

  • Monitoring and Evaluation – Regularly assesses and reviews the programs and services provided to ensure they meet the highest standards of care, safety, and effectiveness.
  • Policy Compliance – Ensures that all staff adhere to Organisational policies and guidelines, as well as the Regulatory Body and Government Legislation pertaining to childcare.
  • Feedback Collection – Actively collects feedback from children, staff, and guardians to continuously improve our services.
  • Training – Organises regular training sessions for staff to maintain and enhance their skills, ensuring the best care possible for our children. Eugene also delivers up-skilling workshops to Team Leaders, Deputy Manager and Registered Managers.
  • Documentation – Maintains meticulous records of inspections, assessments, and feedback to inform future improvements and ensure transparency with stakeholders.
  • Safety Protocols – Regularly reviews and updates safety protocols, ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of every child.
  • Liaison – Works closely with external regulatory bodies, ensuring that our home remains compliant and up-to-date with the latest standards and best practices.


Tools and Techniques

  • Feedback Surveys – Utilises both online and paper-based surveys to gather feedback from various stakeholders.
  • Audit Software – Employs specialised software to track and monitor compliance and quality metrics.
  • Training Modules – Uses a combination of in-house and external training resources to keep staff skills sharp and relevant.
  • Reporting Tools – Uses advanced reporting tools to provide comprehensive insights into quality assurance data, ensuring informed decision-making.