Who we are

Resicare Alliance has been formed since 28 January 2020 and opened a family assessment home. This service successfully looks after 5 families, to carry out parenting assessments on behalf of the Local Authority or other agencies to help make decisions about the long-term living arrangements for their children. We have gone on to acquire some childrens homes as well as opening our own. Our homes all have therapeutic oversight, and some have specialist therapeutic delivery for children who have experienced trauma in their years before coming to live with us. We work and support children with learning disabilities, autism, mental health, social, emotional, and behavioural needs.

Our primary aim is to provide each child with the necessary tools and support needed to aid their transition to independent living or return to a family setting. The cycle of assessment – monitoring, evaluation, and review, will identify the support and provision required to ensure the child is able to build on areas of strength and make progress in all areas of need.

Our initial aim, one which we consider necessary to achieve our primary aim, is to help teach the children about themselves, their emotions, and feelings, ways to communicate these, thereby giving them the skills and knowledge to contain their own emotions and deal with life and its challenges.

We provide a safe, warm, loving, nurturing, and empowering environments for children and young people to live in and to move on from, when they are ready.

We believe strongly in the power of nurture to resolve and correct. Our approach is to consider behaviour to be a communication, and only when the reasons for the behaviour have been addressed or resolved, will there be any chance of improving the child’s emotional, behavioural, or social issues. We aim to help support the children to be able to have their say, take control of their lives and be able to develop a sense of responsibility for their decisions and actions.

We achieve our aims using attachment theory – becoming significant people in the lives of our children, and therefore people who can influence behaviours and change mind sets. We recognize that this takes time and is hard earned. We understand our children, and we look at the communication behind the behaviour and we consistently and persistently provide nurture and love for our children and open displays of affection when needed by the young people.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active, and fulfilling life, regardless of their background or disability. The aim of our homes is to provide a safe and stimulating environment with structure routine that supports preparation and independence for adult life. We aim to stabilise the lives of young people that come to live with us and develop their independence and potential.

We provide individualised and child centered approaches, and work with each young person to build a bespoke package of care.

Children/young people may display challenging behaviour in many ways which may include Self-harm, property damage, physical aggression/violent behaviour, absconding and sexualised behaviours. Some may have a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, physical support needs, personal care needs and low education attainment.

We aim to provide a broad range of opportunities for all the children/young people to participate in leisure and recreational activities. Our objective will be to maximise their potential through opportunities for personal growth and to provide fun and enjoyment, whilst also creating experiences and memories. Leisure and recreational activities will be as inclusive as possible through participation in activities and at venues accessed by other children living in the community. Putting children with complex developmental trauma at the centre of everything we do. Understanding and working with the impact such conditions may have on the child. Commitment to child centred planning and approaches. Commitment to involve children in decision making.

We will adopt a partnership and community development approach to our work so that we can share our ideas and knowledge as well as learning from others. Enabling individuals to develop skills to enhance their personal lives. Promoting and supporting positive risk taking. Promoting independence and choices by providing child appropriate support with daily living, future employment, and leisure pursuits. Ensuring peoples individuality, sexual orientation; spiritual, cultural, and emotional needs are met and respected by staff. Ensuring childrens dignity, respect and rights to privacy is always upheld.

  Providing support at natural times and places.

  Providing support to make decisions.

  Use of restorative practices

  Focusing on research into practice and embedding this into everyday practice

  Use of natural consequences Our work with Children and families is focused.